Evernote, the popular and growing online notebook application has finally come out of limited Beta and gone public. The reason why I call it an online notebook is simple, Evernote is a store it all application allowing users to save clips, web pages, written notes, scribbles, images, sound files and anything else you feel like collecting on your travels through cyberspace.

Similar to Google Docs you can use Evernote as a tool to share information. Beats clogging up the email inbox any day. What really impressed me with Evernote is the ability to collect and create an in dept research document on anything I plan to write on. Instead of having dozens of open tabs within my browser I can access all relevant information from the one page.

Here is what Evernote’s creators have to say about the service.

evernote purpose


Additionally to using Evernote on the web, you cam also download the software to use offline on your desktop as well as on your mobile phone. Great for busy people who value portability.

Watch this Evernote video to learn more:

How exactly does Evernote work?

  1. First you capture information using your mobile phone, or your computer.
  2. Evernote will run all stored clips through a recognition technology and then makes it available to all the supported devices. It is up to you to organize and tag your notes if you prefer this.
  3. When you are ready to use your saved clips you can search for them by means of tags and notes.

The whole process is fairly easy and straightforward. Here is an overview on how you can actually save things into your Evernote account.


Your monthly Evernote allowance

With the latest release Evernote users will be limited by a monthly usage allowance. You can upgrade to premium level if you feel you need more space for $5/month.

How much do you get?
All free accounts are set to 40 megabytes per month. At the start of each month, the allowance is reset and you get a fresh forty MB. This means that if you max out your account every month, you’ll have 480MB of notes at the end of the year.

You’d be surprised how much 40MB gets you in Evernote terms. Here’s a rough estimate:

  • Typed notes: 20,000
  • Ink notes: 10,000
  • Mobile snapshots: 400
  • Web clips: 270
  • Audio notes: 40

How is the monthly upload allowance calculated?
Every time you add something new to your account on the Evernote web service, it will count toward your monthly upload allowance.

If you have 10MB remaining for any given month and you add a note containing a 1MB image, that will leave you with 9MB for the month. One important thing to keep in mind is you cannot add to your monthly allowance by deleting a note.

Therefore deleting that 1MB note will not bring you back up to 10MB. Notes kept in local notebooks (offline) are not sent to the web service and do not count toward your monthly upload allowance.

However, I can already see users who overstep their usage simply switching to another email to save more clips as a second user.

By the way, Evernote is available both for Windows and Mac operating systems.

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