If you are a WordPress lover then you are probably always on the lookout for groovy and useful plugins and widgets. The choices of available plugins are endless; you can choose between security, social networking, administration, design, SEO, sharing, fun, and much more.

Because of the available (and consistently growing) selection of choices it isn’t always easy to pick a suite of suitable plugins for your blog. Like you, I’m consistently adding new technology to my network of blogs, and still, I always seem to miss some of the grooviest choices.

To bring some of my sites to level expected in view with today’s technology I have gone in search of some plugins I deem useful and handy for many bloggers. Take a look at the selection below and use these to add new shine to your WordPress blog.

s2Member Pro has recently been released to add more functionality and options to the free version of the s2Member plugin. Functioning as an add-on module to the original, s2Member Pro allows you to charge your members via PayPal thanks to the PayPay Pro Form Generator.

You will be able to charge your members with this plugin and accept all commonly used credit cards, as well as PayPal for the transactions. You need to have WordPress 3.0 running on your blog to use this plugin. You can get a single domain license for USD $69.

The WPtouch iPhone Theme is handy, as it helps to transform your WordPress blog for the growing number of touch-phone users worldwide. Your blog will be easy to read and browse on the iPod Touch, iPhones, Palm Pre/Pixi, Android, BlackBerry Storm and others.

In view of the popularity of these smartphones it makes sense to help transform your blog to another sphere for readers.

Adsense Integrator lets you insert Adsense code with ease either at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of your blog posts. No messing around with code needed. Simply paste your code and you’re done. You can also add other affiliate codes which makes this plugin a sure winner.

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a budding list builder, then the SqueezePlugin for WordPress is certainly going to set your mind alight with possibilities. You can turn ANY WordPress theme into a handy squeeze page thanks to the SqueezePlugin.

I think for $97 you can’t grumble with the fact that you can now build a list without having to mess around with squeeze-page specific themes, or a need to hack existing code. This plugin also comes with an iron-tight 30-day money back guarantee.

ScribeSEO is a fantastic plugin for SEO-conscious bloggers. With the help of this plugin you get to analyze a ton of information on your blog. This plugin has only just been released a few days ago, so it’s brand spanking new.

All you SEO fanatics out there can rejoice with ScribeSEO plugin for your niche blogs. The Scribe Content Optimizer lets you see which parts of your posts need more optimizing for search engines with an in-built quality score. But wait, there is more. With ScribeSEO you have at your fingers one of the most dynamic SEO tools available on the web right now. You can learn more about this service by visiting the link above.

Hopefully you will love these plugins as much as I do. Make the most of their functionality by starting to use them today.


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