A while ago I came across a post by Natalie of Decisive Flow about Interactive Voices. It caught my eye because I was having such a hard time adding voice narations for my video tutorials.

Having voice narrations would make my tutorials easier to follow for those who learn better by hearing.

My first attempt was to record my own voice. After all, I developed the tutorials, who else would be better at narrating the instructions? It didn’t take long for me to realize that, when you have five small children running around the house, this task is close to impossible.

I don’t think my listeners would find it amusing to have instructions muffled up with background sound of squabbling children. I tried shutting the doors and instead of squabbling, you’d hear banging on the door.

Having surrendered, I turned to voice professionals. Have you ever searched for a voice over talent before? Do you know that it would cost you around $50 for half a minute of voice? I can understand that their voices is “the product” but come on … $100 a minute?

My tutorials are an average of 3 minutes each, which comes up to $300. That’s more that what earn from Adsense for the whole week.

So, I was really excited when I read Nat’s post. Interactive Voices is very much like Elance except for the fact that it specializes in “voices” and it’s not quite as advanced.

Posting a project is quite simple. Just click on the “Post a Job” button, fill in the form and that’s it. You can choose if you want a male or female voice. You even get to choose your desired language and accent.

After posting my project, I received a bid almost immediately. I actually wrote a four line script and requested voice samples for it. It makes it easier to compare bidders. I was pleasantly surprised by the affordable bids. There were 17 bids in total ranging from $10/min to $70/min. I’m very impressed.

With these rates, you can look forward to tutorials with voice narrations soon 🙂

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