At the outset, a whopping 74,418, 482 websites are now powered by WordPress, if the official statistics are anything to go by. It just seems to be the default best blog platform in the world because of its simplicity, ease of use, flexibility, and the fact that anyone with basic computer skills can be up and running with a new website in even less time that it took you to read this paragraph.

WordPress is easy and intuitive for even those who are technically challenged. It’s the best example of a product that renders itself useful to thousands of people with a judicious use of PHP and MySQL. It’s mature, stable, highly configurable, and it’s just the tool you need to get started in your online business (es).

Why exactly is it the best blog platform? Here are a few strong reasons why:

Using WordPress is as easy as email

One reason why WordPress is famous is because of its simplicity: you can’t help not understand how to use WordPress. Using WordPress is a simple, point-and-click affair. If you could fire up a browser and check email, visit a few websites, and browse as you normally do, then you’d not find WordPress any different. On top of that, you have thousands of pages dedicated to help others learn and use WordPress.  Video tutorials, web-based tutorials with screen shots, and plenty of expertise available to help you get through the inertia that comes with using anything new on the web.

Who says WordPress is just for blogs? started – and still is – the favorite free blogging platform in the world., while being free, is a self-hosted version of WordPress (you host the blog software on your own servers or those you purchase through hosting). This version gives you unlimited freedom and flexibility to do what you please with WordPress since it’s open-source code.

As such, WordPress can be used not just for blogs although it’s been designed from the ground up for blogging. Today, literally every type of website can be powered by WordPress, including magazines, commercial websites, e-commerce sites, classifieds, one-page landing pages, and much more.

So start your own membership site, put up a website for your business, publish a magazine, spin off a series of niche blogs. WordPress can do anything.

Benefit from the WordPress eco-system

Remember how it is when a movie breaks world records and becomes a blockbuster? Ever noticed how an entire parallel industry spins into action producing DVDs, toys, and many other products based on the theme of the movie itself? Similarly, WordPress has spun off a whole niche by itself: you have paid WordPress themes, WordPress customization experts, community of professionals who make dedicated plugins and widgets for WordPress, etc.

Further, the community itself is huge. Thousands of developers, users (both rookie and advanced) come together, supporting each other, helping and contributing to the knowledge pool, and trying to fix bugs all the time with the core WordPress experts trying to improve WordPress all the time.

All that support and help, WordPress would give a paid CMS (Content Management System) a sprint for its money.

Whether you are just started out with your online endeavors or even if you are a veteran, I recommend WordPress as your primary tool for content management system.

What have your experiences been like? Do you need help with anything specific to WordPress? Do shoot a comment here and I’d do my best to help you.

If you need a step by step guide, check out our free blueprint on the best blog platform.

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