I’ve argued in the past that you should use a CMS like WordPress to run your membership sites. In fact, I described two different ways you can have this set up: a) with an external membership script and b) with a WordPress membership script.

Recently, however, rayfellars left a comment on my blog saying

Alex Sysoef of HowToSpotter.com totally disagrees and lays out some convincing thoughts on why WP can be a real problem, especially regarding security, for operators of membership sites.

I have to admit, I find his argument very interesting. A bit of a disappointment though since running a WordPress membership site is just so so so easy.

I’m no programmer, so I don’t know to what extent this proves to be a problem. But Ravi has another very interesting counter argument on why WordPress is the absolute best platform for your membership site.

After reading both sides, it seems that the key to a secure WordPress membership site is to use a membership software which does *not* have a dependency on the core of WordPress. If that is the case, then my current setup that I describe in Building A Membership Site with WordPress would be just fine. 🙂

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