wordpress-pluginMost plugins are optional, but some are just mandatory. A select few plugins are incredibly useful and provide a lot of value to bloggers. In our ongoing quest to find more WordPress resources (including plugins and WordPress themes) for you, we’ve been compiling a running list of great posts from around the web. Here’s a look at some essential, useful, or valuable plugins:

20 Essential WordPress Plugins To Turbo Charge Your Blog in 2012

I expected at least one mention for the All-In-One-SEO pack and I see it here in this list, published by moneyctl.com. In here are some really good plugins for you to pick from. What are your favourites?

Essential WordPress Plugins You Should Have to Start With

Published on about.com — a NYTimes publishing entity — this is another list of essential plugins. I do see repetitions of plugins that other lists had, with a few exceptions.

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Should Know About

One of those lists with some essential plugins compiled by Jeff Bullas. The “Slide” plugin is new for me, so I’ll be paying some special attention to that plugin as it can make your content seriously viral.

5 Essential WordPress Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

In a narrative style, this short post has a few plugins that really work for your blog. Please pay special attention to OnSwipe, Sharebar, and Contextual Related Posts plugin.

20 Incredibly Useful Plugins

Webdesignfan.com compiled this list of 20 plugins which could add to the list of plugins that work for you. Take your pick. I like the WordPress editorial calendar plugin, Gravity forms, WordPress related posts, and the SEO Links plugin.

Top 30 WordPress Plugins That are Actually Useful 

 A mammoth list of 30 plugins compiled by Paul of Speckyboy.com. This is a good list of plugins — most of them aren’t featured on other lists.

12 Most Valuable (Yet Free) WordPress Plugins

Bradley’s list of free plugins is another list with some valuable plugins. I see some repetitions here but there are some invaluable ones as well.

15 Incredibly Useful WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Blog 

Web Design Core published this list a while ago. Out of the entire list, I am particularly a big fan of Wp GreetBox ( although I don’t use this plugin on this blog now).


What are your essential plugins? What are some of those plugins you can’t live without? Do let us know.

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